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    If this is covered elsewhere just point me to the thread...but I haven't seen it.

    Anyway, I have traveled to Europe a few times now with my 8830, The first time I assumed my phone would just work since it was quad band. --wrong (when I arrived in Germany I kept getting the "insert sim card" message)

    Second time I called sprint beforehand and had them "turn on" international service. --wrong (when I arrived in the UK I kept getting the "insert sim card" message)

    --and by the way, yes I do have a sim card in the phone, the one that came with it (maybe i need a different one?.....)

    This time I've bought a go-sim prepaid sim card, I just put it in my phone to test it and everything seems the same, in fact i tried calling myself from the land line (with my regular cell number) and it went through. Not to mention when I dialed my land line from my cell with this card inserted it still showed up with my sprint phone number.

    I assumed this wouldn't be the case since the prepaid sim card comes with it's own mobile number. I have this feeling that when I get to the UK this time I'm going to get the same damn "insert sim card" message

    What am I doing wrong? Will this go-sim card work with the number they gave me once I get to the UK? Why is it showing up with my number since i'm using a different sim card?
    11-08-08 09:50 PM
  2. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    The 8830 is not a quadband GSM phone. It will only work on Euro GSM frequencies, so it should work over there if those frequencies are supported. But your radio must be set to Global or GSM. You cannot test this in the US, it will not connect to any towers since the frequencies for GSM in the states are not used on the 8830.

    Make sure you inserted the SIM card correctly. If you installed it upside down or another way, it won't work... obviously. If you insert the SIM right, you'll be able to see the phone number on the SIM card under the SIM section in Options.
    11-09-08 12:31 AM
  3. MajinBerry's Avatar
    So I was thinking to myself....upside down?...come on i'm not that dumb. But just for the fun of it I turned it around and checked.....and yes it finally recognized my SIM card.

    I don't blame myself (totally) this is the way the card has been oriented since I bought the phone...it came out of the box that way so I figured what reason have I to doubt that they put it in the wrong way.

    Anyway long story short after two trips to Europe and failed attempts to use the phone I HOPE that now that it's recognizing the card that it will work next month. --thanks

    --on the bright side now I have two SIM card, sprint and prepaid
    11-19-08 06:56 PM