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    Last wed I got my data plan activated.No problems there. surfing, e-mailing etc all is good except gps.
    So I e-mailed Sprint (I am in Ireland on a different network,phone is unlocked etc..) with my pin and my imei to find out if they have it locked.
    they replied that they couldnt recognise the pin or imei so I emailed them the ESN which they recognised.
    On sat morning I went from having an amlost fully functional 8830 to a semi bricked. Couldnt make/send receive calls/sms e-mails etc.
    Went and retrieved a back up from DM and I got my calls sms back BUT my browser icon was missing.
    On the phone to my provider and they said that from (whatever database they use) they could not find IMEI or PIN. Basically my phone did not exist. It may also explain why Sprint couldnt find it.
    The guy was mystified why it was working fine for a few days to not. He has sent a report to RIM saying that they may have it blocked for some reason. He was almost sure that the fone is not stolen.
    Any one ever come across this before..........??????
    10-25-09 06:57 PM