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  1. EcoVoy's Avatar
    Hey, anyone can help with this?
    I use my blackberry a lot for writing texts on the go, a bit like I do with my laptop. Blackberry is like my pocket laptop. For this I used to use BBnotepad and MobileFileManager. I'm now using FileScout. All of these apps allow me to edit, save and move text files. It turns out FileScout is a much better application, so I removed the other two and kept only this one with which I can manage my files and edit my texts. The problem I have existed with all 3 apps.

    My problem is that now and then, a text file that was fine when I left it becomes all garbled with unreadable text when I open it later. I tried opening it using different encodings but nothing works, I just can't seem to find the solution. The strange thing is that I may have the problem with a file one day and then come back the next day to the same file and get it back to it's normal form. If I transfer the file to my computer when it is garbled, it is still garbled once into the computer. These documents are created in the blackberry by me, they are not the result of an email or attachment or anything outside the BB.

    I'm managing my texts on a 16GB micro SD card, I wonder if that could be part of the issue.

    This is an example of a text I had in one of these situations:
    "ԫH%]{!hi&[kւrV0 bZ ѱ. -@m m $M4- "Q
    #jD&]h.ޯ~.sD "Զ<HO5\ ?A`AITσC
    d < "y1{1o

    Any help, ideas anyone?
    Thx a lot!!
    06-25-10 05:07 PM
  2. ridesno159's Avatar
    Not sure about your issue, but I use Word to Go (the free one that comes with your BB). I created a blank document in Word on the computer, formatted it how I want it, then transferred it to my BB. I can open it whenever, type what I want, then click "save as" when I'm done. It creates a new one and saves the blank one for later use. I've typed many papers and assignments for school on my BB this way.
    06-25-10 05:38 PM