1. Hoping_for_a_cure_for_Pancreatic_Cancer's Avatar

    I have an 8830 with Sprint running v4.5.0.135. I have a SIM card and a 4gb MicroSD card.

    The problem is the files free on my device slowly drains down to zero. I pull the battery out and it reboots and the files free goes as high as 9,750,500 bytes but then it slowly drains down to zero again.

    I only have a handful of apps and only 1850 contacts.

    Any thoughts on why my device the files free drains down to zero?

    Thanks in advance.
    08-23-09 01:46 AM
  2. DD1968's Avatar
    I assume you are closing apps and not just leaving them running in the background? This would slowly deplete your memory...

    What apps do you have loaded? Some are known memory hogs. eg; Viigo, facebook...
    08-23-09 02:13 AM
  3. Hoping_for_a_cure_for_Pancreatic_Cancer's Avatar
    I do not leave any apps running in the background.

    I do have Facebook installed but I close it when I am done. I have a handful of apps, nothing I would consider to be real memory hogs. I clear the cache and I clear the event log with Alt LGLG keystroke combo on a regular basis and mt device still slowly drains down to zero.

    I called tech support one night and they spent the better part of an hour performing various tests and a complete hard reset of the device.

    Any additional advice, thoughts or recommendations?

    Thanks again in advance.
    08-23-09 09:04 PM
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    08-24-09 12:29 AM
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    You may want to try MaxMem, it's sort of an alternative to using Shrink-A-OS.

    Frees up to 5MB of memory on your BlackBerry no matter what the type! Not only does it release memory, you will also feel a slight increase in response time. MaxMem will remove apps, themes, and files in your BlackBerry that you don’t use.

    It does remove Voice Activated Dialing, Push to talk, and quite a few other pesky applications.

    You can download it in the Apps section OTA by loading BlackBerryTrade.com Mobile on your device.

    Installation Instructions

    NOTE: To avoid data loss in case of error, such as accidentally deleting currently used theme, do a BlackBerry database back up using Desktop Manager. Most errors on the BlackBerry can be restored using Desktop Manager.

    MaxMem will remove VAD and a few other things from your device, BUT when you use DM for anything it re-installs VAD and everything else you removed. Therefore we recommend that you leave MaxMem installed on your device so you can easily run the MaxMem process again after using the App Loader.
    Get it OTA, HERE.
    08-27-09 03:04 AM