1. baron#CB's Avatar
    this error continues to pop up 3/4 thru the sync. i've hard reset and restarted the desktop. anyone have an answer to a correction?-Baron
    06-02-08 06:31 AM
  2. tyroni's Avatar
    You may have one or more contacts in the Address Book missing information in the First, Last or Company Name fields.

    Check the Address Book for contact(s) that are missing information and fill in the information or remove the contact(s) do a battery pull, and try the sync again.
    06-02-08 06:48 AM
  3. hardness's Avatar
    I have figured out a solution for this. For myself the problem had to do with several contacts having invalid pictures.

    Since I had my contacts in Outlook 2007, I listed them in "Phone List" view. I looked for the contacts with a "paperclip" attachment icon next to the names.

    After opening the individual contact I realized that there was a "blank" profile picture. I had to "remove picture" each contact.
    It worked for me. Give it a try.
    02-18-09 02:51 AM
  4. voodoonofx's Avatar
    That was the exact problem I had. After following your instructions to remove the pictures from the contacts in outlook that were not actually showing up, it was able to sync again.

    Thank You!
    04-15-09 07:12 PM
  5. andhanni's Avatar
    I am encountering this error when attempting to sync my Outlook 2007 Calendar (ONLY). It gets 3/4th through and then gives me the error code 0x80040fb3 - Check documentation.

    This is fustration as I have checked the items attempting to sync and there are no attachments or anything that is not normal.

    I have checked the Blackberry Site for this error and it suggested:

    Blackberry Forum

    With the first relation as previous mentioned contacts. If it is not Contacts it referred me to KB01451 or KB10167

    All this did not work so I am still looking for advice as I am slowly ready to throw the BB out the window.
    08-05-09 09:50 AM
  6. Scubabeme's Avatar
    I just resolved my issue, which turned out to be an apparently corrupted (really old) recurring appointment in my Outlook calendar. I was able to determine which by noting that the sync was always trying to "add" something, and the error occurred on the same item number every time. I "viewed" the sync items it came up with, took note of which item was an "add," deleted it in Outlook, synced (successfully for the first time), re-added the appointment, synced again.
    10-01-09 05:15 PM
  7. zhengyu718's Avatar
    I have the same problem, everything works well with os6, but I cannot sync contacts after downgrading to os5 ('cos internet doesn't work with os6)
    I tried everything mentioned here but it still doesn't work, everytime sync stops after importing 7 contacts
    02-21-11 10:50 AM
  8. zhengyu718's Avatar
    I finally solved the problem, cheers!!
    It's because of some errors in E-mail address, if the E-mail is blank, but E-mail2 is not, there will be problems. I corrected all the e-mail addresses one by one in Outlook to make it right
    02-21-11 11:59 AM