1. mstabile's Avatar
    Tried installing ePocrates (prescription drug information program) on my 8830 yesterday. DON'T DO IT! The OTA installation says it will take about 60 minutes. After about 5 hours it was stuck on 95% and the phone is totally useless when software is installing (in spite of their claim that you can let it continue installing in the background). You can use the phone but every click takes a couple of minutes to work, so I decided to go ahead and delete the program (it was already available for deletion - icons were present on the home screen) but each menu click takes minutes, so it took a half hour to get to the final screen to delete it and reboot.
    10-14-09 09:47 AM
  2. itsall4tay's Avatar
    I installed epocrates in about 20 minutes. No problem and works perfectly.
    10-19-09 07:05 PM
  3. Dockill's Avatar
    I installed but it used so much memory i had to remove it.
    10-19-09 07:34 PM
  4. MeDuhBoss's Avatar
    Been running it for 6 months without too much trouble. Suggest that all downloads occur at night (0200) and you're up & running in the AM. I have a colleague, though, who has been trying to load Epocrates for months and can't get it to work. ??
    10-25-09 11:42 PM
  5. lordcliff's Avatar
    I've got epocrates on an 8320. I've got less memory than everyone else to start with. Its a little thing called memory management. Installed it more than once. Wifi helps.

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    10-26-09 12:08 AM