1. forehandjm's Avatar
    So I'm a new user and am having issues with media card encryption on my blackberry 8830 I have service with verizon.

    Basically I want to encrypt the photos that I transfer to my media card. I have encryption set up for device key and security password and mass storage mode enabled however when i transfer files from either media manager or from mass storage mode they do not get encrypted. I know I'm not using the feature correctly I just haven't been able to find any help on how to actually get these photos encrypted. Thanks guys!
    01-06-08 10:13 PM
  2. farhanali96's Avatar
    what you need to do is, go to your pictures
    create a new folder (eg encryption test)
    highlight ALL your pictures, copy them, and paste them into the encryption test folder.

    after that, it should be encrypted. to check if it is quickly, click on a random photo in that folder, click properties and at the end of the file name should be something like IMG123344.Jpg.rem

    if there is an extra extension with the .rem: its encrypted.
    02-21-13 01:50 PM
  3. hornlovah's Avatar
    Use the Files menu option in BlackBerry Desktop Software to encrypt files during transfer from your computer. Also, use the same menu option to transfer and decrypt encrypted files from your BlackBerry to your computer.
    02-21-13 09:13 PM