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    Hello all,

    I work with BlackBerry devices in a MS Exchange Environment and currently a lot of my users have been dropping synchronization with their outlook email accounts and the 8830, and I have to take them off of the server and then readd them and reactivate the device in order for them to be able to send/receive emails again.. Has anyone ever dealt with this issue before? Any insight would be much appreciated!
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    I saw this all the time as a Tech for Verizon. I can only assume there is something that is out of date about the system somewhere. Typically this only happens when the BIS or BES server cannot find or is refused a connection to your exchange server. I would check to make sure that the exchange server is up to date completely and then go through and make sure there are no conditions where exchange is refusing pings from the Blackberry servers. If everything adds up then I would have the users delete their BIS or BES accounts and configure new ones and setup the email accounts again. If that fails then it's time to switch to GroupWise. Ha!

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