1. am39053's Avatar
    Hi all, on several occasions I have tried to edit an email I received and want to subsequently forward it to someone, but have been unable to do so. Is there a technique I can use to edit the email? I don't see an option to do such a thing.

    Needless to say you can do such editing before forwarding step when using a traditional desktop email client.

    12-23-08 02:38 PM
  2. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    No, this is something you cannot do on a BlackBerry...
    12-23-08 02:41 PM
  3. am39053's Avatar
    Gee, can't be done in a Blackberry! That's strange given the device's functionality and email claim-to-fame.

    That's too bad.
    12-23-08 02:46 PM
  4. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    To be honest with ya, i believe i have only been asked that once before. It is not a common question here...
    12-23-08 02:49 PM
  5. am39053's Avatar
    Leave it to me to be one of the few.

    Would you also happen to know why Verizon has not update the BB 4.5 OS for the World Phone while providing updates for the other BB units?
    12-23-08 02:52 PM
  6. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    More than likely Verizon is still testing the OS. The OS's are released by RIM and given to the carrier to test and release. Some are quicker than others to do so. This is one of the reasons you will see many of us here, including myself, running an OS from a different carrier. OS's are device specific, not carrier...
    12-23-08 02:56 PM
  7. FF22's Avatar
    I asked the question, too.

    The only way around it is to manually copy the original email and paste it into a new reply.

    Justifications for most things BB (read: quirks) are always offered - in this case, you should give your recipient the benefit of the entire email when replying/forwarding. I don't buy it!
    12-23-08 06:59 PM
  8. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    I mean what's to hide, if you are in HR, that's one thing...
    12-23-08 07:04 PM
  9. jc01108's Avatar
    Yes, the inability to edit forwarded emails is a pain; one that does not make a great deal of sense. I don't think much about it except when I need to do it. The copy/paste method does work when the need arises.

    As with any system, you learn to live with a system's quirk's until they are fixed or a better system comes around and then jump to it and learn to live with its different but less obtrusive quirks.
    12-23-08 07:05 PM