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    Just curious of those of you in the know. I am on a replacement phone. The first one had major data connection problems. The second one fixed that. But this current phone, I drop a ton of calls. I would say more then 50%. When I drop a call, I drop them in series. I drop a call, I call back. 2 mins later, drop again, wash, rinse, repeat 5 times until finally, we give up and I go to skype.

    Telus, my provider, claims the network is fine in the areas I drop calls. They claim now it's the device. Part of me figures they just want me to go away.. So they are going to replace the phone.. again.

    Could this be the phone ?


    05-15-08 08:09 PM
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    I am on my fourth 8830 from Verizon. Signal is fine. When I am talking to other party they can hear me, but I cannot hear them. I can hear sounds on the other end so I can tell I am still connected, but the voices are so quiet as to be indecipherable.

    This has been elevated to Director Level at Verizon. Fat lot of good that has done. One of the engineers has been able to reproduce the problem, but no solution appears to be in sight. The are sending me a Curve to try. Of course the Curve has a stupid camera, so I cannot take it into half my clients facilities. Arrrrg.
    05-15-08 11:30 PM
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    I have a 8830 with VZW I have no problems I have used it in South Dakota Montana Alaska and Hawaii.
    I even use it on the LIRR under the East side tunnel going into NYC.
    I would say from my past experiences with dropped calls it was that the tower was overloaded or I was locked onto another tower that did not transfer hand me off to another tower.
    This ususually happened in rural sections of the US on another carrier that VZW used.
    If it happens in the same area it is probably a tiwer or network issue vs phone

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    05-16-08 06:45 PM