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    I may be mistaken but I thought that OFF meant OFF. My 8830 is set to Automatically turn off at 11pm and turn back on at 7am.

    I had an appointment or reminder set in the Calendar application for my sister's birthday. Well, last night (I consider bedtime NIGHT) at around 1:44am I heard the reminder (in another room) and it kept going and going. I stayed in bed for a while figuring it would terminate but it kept GOING.

    Got up since I did not know what the reminder was about at that time of NIGHT. It was my sister's birthday reminder. I hit DISMISS. Back to bed.

    But the question is why did the BB turn on whenever (it may have been chiming for an hour or more for all I know) and why was it going on and on. Should the OFF mean OFF? When I just looked (real morning), it was scheduled for an hour for 8am. But the Option Menu showed "REMINDER" for 315 minutes. I don't recall setting it for 375 minutes which I'm guessing is why the CHIME kept going and going?

    So can someone explain what I did wrong?

    And I know that setting the 8830's Alarm Clock will wake the unit even before 7am and the Alarm does take precedence. But Appointments?

    Thanks in advance

    PS: Back again - well, I think I see that APPT AND ALARMS will turn the device on. So now the question is why the REMINDERS (plural) are set for 375 minutes and why it keeps on chiming. I just checked and all of my reminders for people's birthdays are set for 375 MINUTE REMINDERS!!!! I am editing them.
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    How did you set up the alarm in the first place, I am trying to figure that one out.
    07-23-09 11:07 AM