1. GeorgeC's Avatar
    I have Blackberry 8830 World Edition from Bell Mobility running handheld OS version I would like to upgrade it to the current version so that I can use BerryTunes 2.5.6 to stream audio from the Internet.

    My Blackberry is currently activated on the company's BES server for Exchange synchronization. There are no restrictions imposed by our IT department. I also use BIS (Gmail, web browsing, etc).

    I downloaded 8830EFS_PBr4[1].2.2_rel353_PL3.0.0.81_A4.2.2.196_Bell_Mobility.ex e file from Bell Mobility's web site. I also have Blackberry Desktop Manager installed on my notebook.

    If I upgrade handheld OS on my Blackberry to the latest version, will I have to get my Blackberry reactivated on our BES server (i.e. request a new Exchange activation password from our IT department)? Even if I restore from backup after upgrading?

    Also, how exactly do I upgrade? Do I just double click 8830EFS_PBr4[1].2.2_rel353_PL3.0.0.81_A4.2.2.196_Bell_Mobility.ex e file on my notebook and follow on screen instructions?


    11-19-08 09:32 AM
  2. trucky's Avatar
    I have heard that if you're on the same network as your BES server and remain connected via USB that the activation will eventually (after about half an hour?) take place. I've not seen that to be true in my case and have to get an Enterprise Activation each time I've upgraded.
    11-19-08 09:51 AM
  3. jeffh's Avatar
    What trucky said has worked for me. You should notify your BES admin anyway, in case there's something going on that would cause you a problem that could be avoided by coordinating with them.

    Double-click on the downloaded exe file to install your device OS as a program on your PC. Then run CrackMem, which you can download from the link in my sig. That's the easiest way to upgrade. Be sure to make a backup first.

    I'm running on my BES with no problem.
    11-19-08 10:25 AM