1. betaclosed's Avatar
    Do i get charged if i use my email on black berry curve 8830?

    Hey i have the Students plan from Telus,

    Basicly,its facebook and MSN is free on it,text unlimited.

    Ive seen that i can input my email address(Gmail.com) .. If i do that,will i be charged for receiving emails on my black berry?Thanks!
    09-07-09 08:04 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    Email is DATA. So if your plan does not include any data, you would pay depending on the rates your carrier charges.

    You might be able to set up what are called filters if you wanted to limit who can send you email that the device retrieves. These are generally setup on your Carrier's BIS site. You would have to inquire.
    09-07-09 09:28 AM