1. Marrs's Avatar
    hey, im trying to fix my dad's 8830 for him and i was wondering if there is anyone that could assist me with the disassembly of it. i run a storm and tour. im not too familiar with the world. thanks for everything.
    12-24-09 02:38 PM
  2. annaleighsage's Avatar
    Hey Marrs. I've had three BB 8830 Worlds since they first came out and have disassembled the first two a number of times. Using the third and haven't had to disassemble YET.

    First remove the battery cover and battery and remove all 3 screws (I've used a tiny screwdriver and even used a pair of tweezers to turn the screws), then remove the side silver plates (should just snap off with a little prodding with an eyeglass screwdriver, small pointy knife, etc.) The sides literally hold the World together, so I recommend doing all of this on a dinner plate.

    Watch out for the keyboard, it's delicate. As well as the roller ball assembly. Hope that helps.
    12-27-09 03:23 AM
  3. jdwx's Avatar
    Search uTube as well. There are a few videos to give you a visual in addition to Anna's instructions. I literally just deleted a folder with a few links to 8830 disassembly in it over the weekend as I'll never need them again. Such timing.

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    12-29-09 01:09 PM