1. adfac's Avatar
    eveek.com is celebrating their 1st anniversary (they make some really nice themes sold by b-play) and in celebration are giving away 3 free popular theme downloads. I had already bought one (iberry2) from b-play but decided to download the other two "freebies" ... I like one of the two and want to delete the one I don't like. I used (ahhhgggh) PocketMac to install the themes but it won't "un-install" them. So I switched to my PC and it won't un-install there either. I went to options > theme > highlighted the theme > clicked on the blackberry menu hoping to find a "delete" option but there was nothing there. So I went to options > advanced options > applications ... hoping to find the theme there ... and it wasn't there either. Does anyone have any other idea of how I can delete this unwanted theme? Thanks for any help.
    06-09-08 03:26 PM
  2. Thexy's Avatar
    The only way I know how to delete themes and programs is through desktop manager. Once installed and open, click on the first icon (I believe it's installed programs or something like that). It will bring up all of the programs you have installed on your BB. Uncheck what you don't want and click next. Go through the process and it should remove the items that you didnt check.
    06-13-08 09:29 AM