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    Hey all!

    A couple of days ago, my BB started to constantly restart, i tried to pull out battery, then put it back, but it kept doing it. Some restarts later, there came the grey screen, saying error 535, reset the phone. I kept reseting, but it still said the same, the phone was already unbootable anymore.
    So i read some forums about the recovery processes, i've tried to do everything they mentioned there, like pulling out battery, connecting phone to PC then reload OS, etc. When i tried that, the OS reloading process kept disconnected for me, because once my phone plugged on without battery, it still kept restarting some time, then black screen and LED started to blink SOS (1 3 1).
    Since then, i can't even force my phone recognized by my PC, it doesn't even trying to boot up, it only gives me that 1 3 1 blink and loader can't recognize the phone. Not for a second.
    Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
    04-13-12 08:05 AM