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    Hello! sorry for bad english/ I have a problem - my 8830WE (Sprint) shows me "Data abor..." - one time per day (sometimes one time per 2 days, when I call anybody very often it could be more times). And duaring the reset (don't matter - after "Data abor..." or not) there is a short sound like "Pic". I'm not a first user of my Blackberry, so I dont know what is happening with it. Thank U for any advises, I tried to use jl_cmdr, but the result the same. Thank U one more time!!
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    09-20-10 11:52 PM
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    you tried updating it? I have access to one of these too, and comes with quite a few problems. What OS you running?
    09-24-10 09:39 AM
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    the last Sprint

    And I have a question:is it possible to clean the whole memory of my BB. Like just from the RIM manufacture.
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    09-29-10 03:28 PM
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    after wipe (not first, believe me) everything is OK! I don't know why, but really happy with my Blackberry
    11-08-10 12:31 PM