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    As a Blackberry collector, I bought cradles and charging pods for all my devices. i noticed the 88xx models have the two metallic connectors on the side for charging, like most of the other models had on the back at at the bottom. Someone actually tested those and yes, you can charge the 88xx model that way. But has it ever been an official cradle? All I could find was this extra power station that appears to connect there: Cradle for 8800? Was there any official one?-15987.jpg Any information would be appreciated.
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    02-08-19 04:31 PM
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    Not sure if there was ever an official one but plenty of companies made use of the pins to make one. A few of them even included a slot in the back to place a battery and charge it as well. This is as close to an official one i found - https://www.digitalsonline.nl/pagina...origineel.html
    02-08-19 06:42 PM

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