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    I have a BB 8820. I've just turned off email option b/c I work from home & am on my laptop 80% of the time during the week days. I would prefer only to get texts in my message box instead of the constant interuption of email notification....however, on the weekends or when i am away from laptop- i DO want to get my emails - So, on those occasions that i DO want to get email on my phone like before, can't I just go back in & change the setting back to "receive emails" like it was before & they will start coming back into my message box on my phone & then just turn it off again when i want to??
    03-15-11 05:28 AM
  2. r0k's Avatar
    You can set profiles to switch by time of day (but I'm not sure if it works by day of week). First of all, shut off any vibrate or noise for email. That was the first thing I did when I got a BB or I would have thrown the thing in the river by the third day. Second of all, if you want notifications on the weekend, create a profile that buzzes for email and use it on the weekend. But there's really no point to shutting of and re-enabling push email. BB is all about push email and it is silly to fight the system to stop it some days and let it through other days. If it's data you're worried about, RIM uses data compression and even with my hundreds of emails a day I never exceeded 6 meg a month of data for push email.

    On my iPhone 4, even with push email without data compression, I never come close to my 150 meg allotment mostly because I'm within range of wifi almost all day every day. But even on the weekends when I'm not around wifi, push email (headers only) doesn't use that much data.

    hope this helps...
    03-15-11 05:39 AM
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    I had already created a specific profile to try & deal with the notifications - and it did help. But then I still had all those emails piled in my message box amidst texts and FB messages - which is what i prefer to see on my phone during the week. Is there a way to seperate it out and make the emails go to a seperate place?? But then the red light is still gonna flash till i check it and that drives me CRAZY!! LOL

    Where might i find this option you speak of to turn it "off & on" @ specific times?? That's a new one on me! : )
    03-15-11 05:52 AM