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    I purchased an extended use battery (Seidio 1600 mah) for my 8820. After installing the new battery, the lightning bolt indicator that had shown battery charging seems to have decided to stay in the vertical position, rather than the diagonal lightning bolt as it had with the original battery.
    Thinking it was something to do with the battery, I replaced the new battery with the old one. The lightning bolt situation did not change, i.e. no more diagonal lightning bolt, and the battery seems to say "100%" in status, at all times. Any ideas? Is this a software glitch?

    A little more:
    When I used my laptop to recharge, the lightning bolt reappeared, and has now stayed visible, even when using AC charging, either battery. The battery available can now be viewed as less than 100%. So, this was an elusive problem. Although no longer an annoyance, the cause concerns me because it could happen again. Ideas?
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    01-15-08 08:41 AM
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    My lightening bolt disappears when the battery is full using the power outlet
    When I use the computer to charge my BB 8800 on the computer the bolt remains on even when the battery is full
    I have never worried about it my BB works fine
    01-15-08 02:24 PM