1. mmfnheffley's Avatar
    i need help looking to change my tones on my 8830 WE i want to change my text alert etc. to custom ringtones that i have on my SD and downloaded from crackberry.com. is this possible if so thnx in advance for the help
    09-06-09 05:47 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    Yes it is possible. You need to go into PROFILES. It is generally a "speaker-looking" icon. Scroll down to the bottom - ADVANCED. Then find the profile you want to change/edit. You can change or edit almost every aspect from number of times, to volume to vibrations to LED blinking.

    An issue - the ringtones or even MP3 files should not be longer than about 30 seconds.

    Another thing - if you use them directly from the SD card (and you can), if you have MassStorageMode turned on, when the BB is connected to the computer the SD card and its files (ringtons) will NOT be available, I think it then uses a default tone. So you can copy/move them into internal memory but don't move too many, the 8830's internal memory is limited and you don't want to crowd it.

    Good luck and enjoy the phone.
    09-06-09 12:08 PM
  3. davarravad31's Avatar
    This has worked for me, however I have not had issues with full length songs. It does get a bit annoying if you have a tool song set as your sms ring tone. lol
    09-06-09 02:37 PM