1. eddiek's Avatar
    I just upgraded to, and I noticed that all of my existing calendar entries were changed from my work email to the default device email. Is there any convenient way to change these back?
    03-26-09 07:31 PM
  2. bfoster's Avatar
    I'd like to know this as well, irritating issue with too.

    Do you use the "today" theme?
    If so, are your calendar enteries showing up? My calendar is intact, just not showing in the theme.
    I love the today theme because it's lke a constant post-it note and with it gone I'm going crazy... to the point I'm seriously considering downgrading till there's time to deal with all these little irritating issues of the upgrade.

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    03-27-09 07:26 AM
  3. eddiek's Avatar
    I use the zen theme and I don't have any issues. I have all of my appointments, but I know when I sink again with outlook, they aren't going to transfer because they aren't associated with my email address. I'm sure I can sync with outlook and override what is on the device, but I have been having issues with this and DST. This did not happen when I went to .135.

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    03-27-09 08:48 AM
  4. bfoster's Avatar
    I figured out why my calendar events went bye-bye in my today theme (just on the homepage, they were still in the calendar).
    In options>advanced options>default services
    I had changed the addy to the one I actually use to sync my calendar (basically to backup it up, a yahoo addy, I don't use a calendar on the computer) and for some reason when I did the upgrade it put all my calendar entries under an aol addy I use for online newsletters and junk mail

    No big deal I suppose. I haven't tried to sync with yahoo so we'll see what happens when I do. Just glad I figured it out while sitting here in the truck LOL.

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    03-27-09 09:28 AM
  5. eddiek's Avatar
    Just an update. Now that the rest of the world (and outlook) have sprung forward for daylight savings time, I cleared my default calendar (through DM - Backup and Restore\Advanced then selected calendar and clear), and then I did a one-way sync from outlook to my bb. Everything is back to the way I wanted it.
    03-30-09 11:40 AM