1. HMHAAS's Avatar
    I am a new BB user and I am needing some help. I would like to change my applications on the main screen (to the ones I use more often). Is there a way to do that without downloading/buying new themes? If someone could please help me, that would be great!!

    09-24-09 02:26 PM
  2. Roweazie's Avatar
    what do you mean to changes the application? changes the application icon? if so, then No, you cant changes the icon.
    09-24-09 02:28 PM
  3. Keith R.'s Avatar
    Yes, and its easier than you think! Simply goto the page with all of the icons/apps in it, click the BB button (to the left of the scroll wheel) selevct move and move it to the top row. Whichever 6 (maybe 5 depending on your theme) icons are in that top row will be the ones that are displayed on your home page

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    09-24-09 05:07 PM