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    Forum is great... just getting starting and reading tons. Can't seem to find the answer this question:

    I have three e-mails address. When I send a message I get the choice to choose which e-mail I want to send the e-mail from.

    However, when I reply to an e-mail I can't seem to figure out how to choose which e-mail I want to send from. All my e-mail is collected via gmail (where my other two address forward to). Though, I don't want people to see that I am using gmail to send emails as it's not my business e-mail address.

    Any help, much appreciated.

    02-21-08 08:49 PM
  2. Adam Zeis's Avatar
    Your default reply will be from whatever address came in, so if all your mail comes through Gmail, that will be the reply address. You can either edit your Reply To address in your BIS settings, or just start a new message from whatever address you choose and send that way.
    02-21-08 08:53 PM
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    How do you find your BIS settings?
    02-22-08 01:25 PM
  4. Adam Zeis's Avatar
    Try logging in here: https://att.blackberry.com/
    02-22-08 01:33 PM
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    just keep getting the same message.
    02-22-08 05:05 PM
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    Yes you can change the reply to address, unfortunately this is still not a perfect feature.

    Likewise, I have my work email forwarding to my gmail account. I then get the message on my blackberry from my gmail account. If someone sent me a message to my work email, I would like to be able to reply to that email from my work email address. Vice versa if someone sends me a message to my gmail email, I would like it to be the reply to address.

    Unfortunately, changing the settings in the bis page is permanent.

    I know there are a couple programs out there to do this.

    Not sure what they're called though.
    06-18-09 05:33 PM
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    I've figured out a way to make it work very well

    Here's the link to my blog post

    Oh can't post a link yet, here it is

    How to create different 'reply to' addresses for multiple emails being forwarded to Gmail
    Many people use one Gmail inbox for all their email addresses. The problem with the Blackberry is that you can only designate one "reply to" address even though you may have 2 or 3 email addresses coming in.

    Here's how to fix this issue.

    Gmail allows you to put periods (.) in between your username of your email address.

    Example: If your email address is yourself @ gmail.com, you can send mail to your.self @ gmail.com and it will go to the same inbox, give it a try.

    You can also put a + sign after your username and any amount of text after it.

    Example: yourself+test @ gmail.com

    You can also send mail to yourself @ googlemail.com

    We will use this feature to be able to set multiple accounts under the one email address on your blackberry.

    Step 1:

    Go to your business email address website and forward the emails to your.self @ gmail.com

    Step 2:

    Go to your Blackberry Internet Service website (google 'your provider' BIS and you should be able to find it)

    You can also change these settings on your blackberry under "e-mail settings", but it's easier online.

    Step 3:

    After you're logged in click "Set Up Account"

    Add the email address that you used to forward your business email to (your.self @ gmail.com)

    Step 4:

    Now that you have a new account created, click filters.

    Set 'when no filters apply' to 'do not forward messages to device'

    Step 5:

    Click 'Add Filter'

    Call it whatever you'd like. Under the field 'apply filter when' set it to '"To:"'

    In the 'Contains' field, fill in your business email address

    Make sure 'Forward messages to device' is selected

    Click 'Add Filter'

    Step 6:
    Next go to your regular gmail account in the BIS website (yourself @ gmail.com) and click on filters again.

    Here we're doing the exact opposite of the last step.

    Add filter and set To field, in 'contains' add your business email again, but at the bottom make sure 'do not forward messages to device is selected'

    Click 'Add filter'

    Step 7:

    You're almost there! Now on the new account created (your.self @ gmail.com) click 'edit'
    Here you can add a customized signature, but mainly you can change the 'reply to' field to your business email address.

    And you're done! Now when someone emails your personal gmail account, and you reply on your blackberry, it will look like it's sent from your gmail account. If someone sends you an email to your business account, and you reply on your blackberry, it will automatically have your reply to address set as your business account.
    06-18-09 08:30 PM
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    I just gotta thank Gabe17 here for putting that together, it's a tad confusing to implement, but then again it's not normal user functionality. So after screwing around with it and the routing from my e-mail forwarding to gmail ... for about 3 hours, it looks like I have full functionality.
    03-21-10 01:55 PM
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    I have a 9550 that has a gmail account attached. The company I work for does not want to put the BES on teh exchagne so the work around is to use gmail for my work email. The exchange forwards to my BB no prolem. The issue I am having is I cannot change the reply address when I reply to an email from my device. Will the above help fix that and if so, how do I do this from the handheld? I am not able to log into the html site for canging things. I have to do it fromm the device. Thanks.
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    08-06-10 07:58 PM
  10. gotars's Avatar
    First of all, a big thanks to Gabe17. I have been trying to figure out a work around for ages. The only way I was able to do it was to use th "Forward Repy and Edit" app, but this new method is much more streamlined, and you never have to worry about forgetting to change the "Send Using:" prompt to the correct email account.

    The one thing that did confuse me was how the "Send Using:" still showed my new Gmail account that I set up. But after playing with it, I figured out that even though it said the Gmail address, it was being sent with my work account information that I have put into the settings.

    So to answer mspfaff's question, YES.
    08-10-10 11:01 AM