1. seueth's Avatar
    I have a 8830 WE Verizon handset. I am currently in India and I would like to use the services of Indicom CDMA service provider here. I inserted the new sim of the said service provider but I am unable to make calls from my phone though I am able to receive calls on my handset.
    12-20-10 04:31 AM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    CDMA carriers do not use SIM cards.

    Typically, CDMA carriers do not allow devices from other carriers to be activated on their network. Have you asked them 1) if they will activate a Verizon branded device and 2) if your 8830 has the correct frequencies to be compatible with their network?
    12-20-10 07:05 AM
  3. Culex316's Avatar
    The Indian CDMA provider uses what is known as a RUIM card, which is like a SIM card but for CDMA networks (mainly overseas like in India...not in the U.S.)
    12-20-10 02:30 PM
  4. madhav's Avatar
    i have 8830WE. CDMA is attached with a specific UIM card.
    now what programming i need to do the change the UIM card?
    12-21-10 01:54 AM