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    I just got the new 8830 and parked my old BB. Our company uses an "enterprise" server for our work e-mail. I use it as a phone as well. When our IS Dept first "pushed" the service to this new unut they pushed the e-mail only and not the phone/e-mail combo. So, my e-mails loaded fine but no phone. I got in touch with our IS dept and they "disconnected" my service package and "reactivated" the unit with the combo book. I went through the entire set up again and all works fine now except, the old "sent" e-mails that showed up the first time the unit was activated are still there and I cannot delete them. I know how to "hide" my sent e-mails but I like to manage my e-mail account from the BB so I don't have to "re-manage" the e-mails once I get to my laptop. Any suggestions on how to delete these e-mails?
    04-26-08 10:44 AM