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    I have a lot of songs that I downloaded onto my 8830. These are stored on my micro SD card. I can go to any of these music files and do "Set As Ring Tone", but that sets the ringtone for all incoming calls. I want to assign a particular song to just one person in my address book. So, I go to the address book to the person, hit the menu button and do "Add Custom Ring Tone". However, the only folder available is "Preloaded Ring Tones", which only has the ringtones that came with the blackberry. I can't see any way to set my music files that I downloaded!
    06-29-09 04:54 PM
  2. geek2009's Avatar
    There may be an easier way to do this, but this is the only way that I know how:

    Connect your blackberry to your computer, then make sure that mass media storage is enabled. You will need to browse to the media card thru your computer, then place the ringtones that you want to assign into the "ringtones" folder on the card.

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    06-29-09 05:56 PM