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    Hey Guys,

    First post ever on the forums so firstly i'd like to say hi.


    Now, I have a problem with the connection to the JVM on my friends blackerry 8800. She recently purchased it 2nd hand and lo-and-behold we got the 507 error (no OS as I understand it).

    So, I began my magical journey of trying to get this thing feeling better. I first tried downloading the desktop and OS to no avail. Then I tried the ol' delete the "vendor.xml, again, to no avail. Third time lucky, I tried to wipe using CrackMem which then made it so one of the USB ports didn't recognise it.

    The problem is not that it is nuked (the constant re-booting problem), because it still just comes up with a 507 warning, it's that when I try to install the new OS it can't connect to the JVM. This is not the same as the other errors where people actually manage to get the installer going and then there is an error, I cannot connect to JVM initially.

    I tried adding the extension /nojvm but that just broke the connection between the phone and the computer and now the loader won't recognise the phone (there isn't even a COM1 avaliable it's a blank drop-down list).

    Help would be much appreciated


    Edit: Also, I've tried to reset it to factory settings using JL_Cmder but it won't connect to the phone.

    Aw man, you guys are all asleep, I guess I'll await your reply when you wake up (I'm in Australia).
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    I Have same problem but am success to repair...
    it is hardware problem brother...
    try to change P.A. IC cause P.A. IC is short...

    good luck brother......
    04-04-13 07:08 PM