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    A frequent number I call requires a huge logon upon connection. Basically, after connecting to my employer I must enter my employee number, astrisk, password, then pound. The password is required to be so restrictive that it contains even more symbols.

    My login once connected is something like 748393*5948754*12#

    Is there a way I can store this line in my phone and hit a special key on my BB so it'll automatically input this or must I manually type in this line each time I'm connected?



    BB 8830 WE
    09-21-08 06:35 PM
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    You could try putting pauses after the connection number. The comma key will insert a pause in the dialing string. So you'd store this number: 2565551212,748393*5948754*12#
    Try one or more pauses. The answering system at your employer is programmed to wait for you to enter the number. The pauses may do the trick. If it's expecting another pause after the asterisk, then put another one in. Systems like that typically expect pauses, because that's how humans type.
    09-21-08 08:58 PM
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    Thanks for the tip. I had to put 3 pauses in as 2 would sometimes work and sometimes it was a little early. Works like a charm. Thanks again.
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    09-22-08 03:45 PM