1. monkor's Avatar
    After about literally six hours on the phone with T-Mobile support, my issue still hasn't been resolved.

    I have a BlackBerry 8800 that is completely unlocked for any network (originally Cincinnati Bell) and I'm using it on T-Mobile. Everything works fine (browser, MMS, SMS, BBM, Facebook, Maps) except Email!

    After a long troubleshooting period I finally got the Setup Email Icon, but when I try to set it up, it said my account was disabled or suspended. When a BlackBerry engineer finally cleared that up and I tried again hours later, it now says:

    "HTTP Error 502: Bad Gateway

    The gateway received an invalid response from the server when attempting to fulfill your request. Please try loading a different page. Contact your service provider if this problem persists."

    When I load up the details, it says unable to receive any data from remote web server. URL=bwc.t-mobile.com/
    Status=62 (hex)

    I'm out of sticks, I'm out of carrots, I just hope someone can help. All I want is email on my phone since my other one fell into water and I need it for work desperately. Thanks a bunch in advance!
    07-09-13 01:55 AM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    I'm guessing T-Mobile sent you the service books? Also, on your account (T-Mobile) you have a BlackBerry plan of sorts, too, right?

    If they did happen to send you the service books, do a battery pull. Do NOT turn the device off, simply remove the battery, wait 30+ seconds, and then place the battery back in. Once done, it will take 3-5 minutes to get to the main screen. Once there, try your email account again...

    Another option, and this is really out there, would be do ta factory reset on the device. This in itself would force it to get new service books, etc. Once done, before fully configuring the device, try adding your email account.
    07-09-13 07:52 AM
  3. monkor's Avatar
    Yep, I've got the whole kit and kaboodle -- Blackberry plan with basically unlimited data, they sent me service books, and I've been using all the other apps just fine. It's just the internet email that doesn't work. I'm mortified to try the factory reset if for no other reason than it might replace the six hours of tech support trial and error to get to this point, with the same problem that started it in the first place.
    07-09-13 02:11 PM

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