1. quochahaha's Avatar
    Hi masters,

    I have used my headphone well.
    But one day, it does not work anymore.
    I can not see the "Activate headset" like before.

    Please help me to find it !
    Thanks much
    08-27-10 05:45 AM
  2. raameen's Avatar
    I assume if the headphone jack is Damage? Or it got wet?
    If not then do a battery pull, wairt 30 second, see if it works.
    Let me know if it will help you

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    08-27-10 08:54 PM
  3. quochahaha's Avatar
    Thanks for your help

    I have tried as your instruction but it does not work.
    The point is that I don't see "Activate Headset" like before, just "Activate Handset" and "Activate Speakerphone"

    Is there any way else ?
    08-27-10 10:05 PM
  4. raameen's Avatar
    Well that's weird, you should be able to see the the messege, go to Media>> and then music and then properties, check your settings there. May be it will help ya. Goodluck.

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    08-29-10 06:00 PM