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    Does anyone know if there is a plugin, update, software, or ANYTHING that enhances the web experience on the 8830? I had a Mogul with Windows Mobile 6 and going to this thing on the web sux. I cant see anything the way it should be viewed! aaaaahhhhhh! help!
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    10-23-07 03:52 PM
  2. berrywhite's Avatar
    Try Opera Mini.
    10-23-07 05:14 PM
  3. thebear8me's Avatar
    Yes try opera. I think you will be pleased. The beta is nice.

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    10-23-07 07:12 PM
  4. Trevor's Avatar
    Opera is nicer if you have a trackball i think. I had tried it with my 7250 and it was just not good.
    10-23-07 07:38 PM
  5. berrywhite's Avatar
    Trevor- What did you not like about Opera mini?
    10-23-07 07:48 PM
  6. Trevor's Avatar
    It just didn't seem like it was mapped out properly for the BB. For example, when you wanted to enter a url you had to click enter text, then start typing. Stuff like that.

    It has been a few months since I uninstalled it. There were other little things that bugged me as well.

    When I get a new(er) device I will download it and try it again though.
    10-23-07 07:58 PM
  7. CarbonRink's Avatar
    I downloaded Opera Mini, but is there ever going to be a application that makes my blackberry browser act like the iPhone. I know, I know, i hate every aspect of the iPhone, except the brower. When is the reast of the world going to catch up. I mean Opera Mini is great, but just not great enough. Later
    10-23-07 09:59 PM
  8. CarbonRink's Avatar
    Well i dug a little bit more and decided to try opera mini beta, and it is great.. little small and hard to read at first, but it is reat after you get used to it. Well i hope this helps some people.
    10-23-07 10:29 PM
  9. rdewangan's Avatar
    I used Opera min beta for few weeks and it crashed. I uninstalled it. I liked its interface, but URL entry etc. is stranger, as Trevor pointed out. I will wait for a more stable version. or keep looking for better browsers.
    10-24-07 07:28 PM
  10. Digital's Avatar
    Personally, I love the OperaMini. I have it set to "Fit To Width" and use "Higher Quality Images (Doubles the Amount of Transferred Data)" and I find my web pages look very nice. Sure, it takes a tad longer to load, but I find that it doesn't really take much longer to load in higher quality images than without ... certainly nowhere near twice as long.

    My Curve 8310 is on AT&T, so it's using EDGE, but it's the first mobile browser experience that has been good enough for me to actually use. The 8310's screen is too narrow to give a desktop-like experience, so this is about as good as it'll get. I'm sure an iphone with it's wide screen and using a faster connection (the iphone is 3G right?) should produce a better browsing experience, but I'm happy to say that the current Beta (4.2) for the OperaMini is a great upgrade from the default BlackBerry browser.

    Also, OperaMini hasn't been fully released yet, and they've said that there's a lot more functionality they're putting into it by release, so I'm quite curious to see the finished product, because the 4.2 Beta is pretty darn good IMHO.

    Note to Opera Developers: Please add the BlackBerry functionality things like tapping the space bar while typing in a URL gives you a "." etc.
    10-24-07 08:39 PM
  11. ncc1701p's Avatar
    how do you clear the cache for the beta version of opera. Just curious... I installed it and holy cow its such a quantum leap compared to the old one. a MUST HAVE
    10-25-07 10:07 PM
  12. Sniperet's Avatar
    how do you clear the cache for the beta version of opera. Just curious... I installed it and holy cow its such a quantum leap compared to the old one. a MUST HAVE
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    10-26-07 02:24 PM
  13. Mikey_23_ny1's Avatar
    8830 with sprint

    When I go check opera in applications, it says version 4.0
    Is that the latest and best one for this phone? thanks...
    02-21-08 03:03 PM
  14. Adlen's Avatar
    mmhmm - OperaMini is a must-have

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    02-21-08 05:21 PM
  15. dpg2103's Avatar
    I agree, OperaMini is the best way to go ... for now
    02-21-08 05:34 PM
  16. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    Best thread eva!!! WM6 waxes BBOS 4.2.
    02-21-08 07:18 PM
  17. Mikey_23_ny1's Avatar
    Is 4.0 the latest version out available for the 8830?
    02-22-08 04:12 PM
  18. leoberry's Avatar
    what is the website for opera mini? I would like to check it out
    02-22-08 04:22 PM
  19. JRSCCivic98's Avatar

    Make sure your BBBrowser is set to Blackberry emulation or the OTA WAP page won't work and you'll look silly coming back to this site asking "How do I download Opera Mini... I can't figure it out?"

    Also, there's a new version out (same 4.0), but if you look at Help/About you'll see there's a revision number which is the date of the release. Most current is 2/7/08, so if you've had Opera installed for a while, you might want to upgrade it. Always uninstall the old version first... just to be safe.
    02-22-08 05:09 PM
  20. bigmbrennan123's Avatar
    Hi new to these forums and im having some trouble with opera mini, i've made sure the APN settings havent been touched (flat out hard reset) OS is over 4.0 and the browser emulation is blackberry (tried it IE also) and on the opera mini site, it directs you to pick your maker, model and then you choose a DL method, i've tried by SMS, PC and Phone none have worked, the SMS i just never got the txt, the PC dl i dl'd the file and unzipped added it into phone (tried it zipped still also) and the file was unable to be read or opened or anything just some bizarre format that i couldnt figure out how to install, and the Via Phone DL just brings me in a loop, it tells me to go too mini.opera.com and then DL the file, well the link just brings me back to the start of the DL process and in the end it tells me to direct my WAP browser to that URL and DL it and hit yes a bunch of times.... but its just a loop!! I feel like im taking crazy bills and just over looking something simple! anyone got some advice or a helping hand?
    03-06-08 01:34 AM
  21. bigmbrennan123's Avatar
    and also it says on the opera mini site ". BREW-enabled phones, including Verizon, are currently not supported." so am i nuts or are you guys talking about a different opera mini??
    03-06-08 01:36 AM