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    Hi all! I am a new to the whole blackberry experience. I just received my Blackberry 8830. I have been diligently going through the set up and several of the Crackberry tutorials. Everything was gravy until I attempted to download a ringtone from the Crackberry site. Mind you I followed Kevin's instructions to the T.

    Here is my issue. Since I am unable to view the link from my bb, per Kevin's instructions, I attempted to copy and paste it into my browser. Upon opening my browser the only thing that comes up is the words login. After logging in the only thing that comes up is Settings and services.

    Is anyone else having this issue? What am I missing? I completed both the setup and email processes. I also have downloaded all the software that came with my bb. I fiddled around some more before posting this question and realized I cannot even go to yahoo or Google from my browser. I receive emails from Yahoo but cannot access any websites. Any help would be greatly appreciated for this newbie.

    Enjoy your evening and thanks much!
    04-30-08 09:52 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Something to try: In the Browser, Menu/Options/Browser Configuration. Be sure emulation mode is set to 'Blackberry.'

    What is your home page address? Mine is http://mobile.blackberry.com/
    04-30-08 10:01 PM
  3. deanmartin's Avatar
    Hi missalethea I just pulled it up with mine and it says you need to download yahoo!go 3.0 beta hope this helps
    04-30-08 10:03 PM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    I had that happen also when I first got my 8830 and did the email setup/wizard thing - it seemed to be stuck in that login mode. I THINK (don't fully recall) that I may have pulled out the battery (which is a LEGAL way to reset the device). I do know it happened a second time.
    05-01-08 12:46 AM
  5. missalethea's Avatar
    Hi JeffH!

    I thank you for responding. I made sure my emulation mode is set to 'Blackberry.'

    My home page address is well... it apparently wont let me tell you. According to Crackberry
    "You are only allowed to post URLs once you have at least 10 posts."

    I am still having no luck and verizon tech and customer service reps are useless!
    05-01-08 02:24 AM
  6. missalethea's Avatar
    Hi deanmartin...

    Thanks for tyring to help. i tried to download beta 3.0 with no luck. My browser appears to be stuck on the login page.

    05-01-08 02:25 AM
  7. missalethea's Avatar
    Nevermind everyone! I got it to work!!

    Thanks so much for all the help you guys are the best!!!
    05-01-08 02:28 AM
  8. jeffh's Avatar
    You're welcome! Tell us how you got it to work. That increases the knowledge available to everybody.
    05-01-08 05:49 AM
  9. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    Yeah, you previously used Email Setup (browser config) and you DIDN'T close it, rather you ended it which leaves it open. When you opened the browser, it just opened the already running one. Either way, going to the Browser and hitting Menu/Go To will allow you to put in any web address you need.
    05-01-08 08:30 AM
  10. missalethea's Avatar
    You're welcome! Tell us how you got it to work. That increases the knowledge available to everybody.
    As a last resort I did what F2 suggested and took the battery out and put it back in. I am not sure if this will work for everyone but you are right...hopefully this info can help someone else, and it's a least worth the try.

    Thanks again, and have a great weekend!
    05-01-08 08:26 PM
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    welcome to cb!
    05-01-08 08:27 PM
  12. jeffh's Avatar
    As a last resort I did what F2 suggested and took the battery out and put it back in...
    That's not a last resort, that's the FIRST thing to try! Seriously. It won't hurt anything, and it fixes an astonishing array of problems. It's just like rebooting your PC. Don't be afraid to do it. And thanks for posting. We all learn together.
    05-01-08 08:30 PM
  13. superaj's Avatar
    Welcome to the crack. The battery pull fixes almost anything. I just downloaded a soft reset program that does the same thing without having to take the battery out. Not sure if it is 100% the same or if it even works on all phones. Worth checking out.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    05-01-08 08:41 PM