1. theodorvapor's Avatar
    A new icon suddenly appeared on my screen directly to the right of the yellow email icons. It is a blue box with three white boxes inside (two up top, one below). I click on it and there is nothing there. What is it???

    I'm new, so forgive what I'm sure is an obvious question...

    09-23-09 12:27 PM
  2. Username5300's Avatar
    Can you post a pic of it?
    09-23-09 12:37 PM
  3. agough05's Avatar
    I am pretty sure that is the blackberry messenger icon? Maybe not. Just remember seeing something like that before.

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    09-23-09 05:48 PM
  4. Jancy10's Avatar
    Yea I'm sure it is the BBM icon!
    09-23-09 06:28 PM
  5. theodorvapor's Avatar
    well, I tried to take a picture but they were all out of focus. I'm an analog guy, not digital...

    And now the icon's gone. When I got my very first phone call message the blue box with white boxes (which had a 1 then 2 beside it) was replaced by the tape/phone icon and disappeared.

    More stupid questions: does this mean I had BBM messages that I didn't see? And why would the icon disappear once I got my phone message?

    The icon was a square blue box with three white boxes inside, not the blue conversation bubble...

    any info appreciated, this is gnawing at my inquiring mind...
    09-24-09 01:40 PM
  6. Frankie Figs's Avatar
    Definitely sounds like the BBM icon.
    09-24-09 02:05 PM
  7. theodorvapor's Avatar
    so that means I have BBM messages somewhere that I haven't read, as opposed to text messages?

    again, sorry for the dumb questions...
    09-24-09 02:19 PM
  8. Frankie Figs's Avatar
    I would assume so. Open BBM and see lol
    09-24-09 02:35 PM
  9. FrankIAm's Avatar
    Attachment 284464

    What is that white G on its back in the blue box. It just appeared after I added and email address to a contact along with the picture. Can you choose weather or not the display the G in the blue box??

    Also, I am extremely surprised you found this 2009 thread instead of the one with the answer..
    07-11-14 02:31 PM