1. Raider_Singer's Avatar
    Hi all.

    I've got a BlackBerry 8830 (Sprint if it is important) and want to upgrade firmware on it. unfortunately I can't download firmware directly from blackberry's web page (some months ago I was able - I've downloaded 8310 firmware) - it's promted that my IP is not suitable (I'm from Belarus)... anonymizers couldn't help me because its https link and they support only http/ftp (unsecured)...

    So can anyone help me giving firmware? May be it possible to download it from blackberry.com and upload (at any place you can)

    P.S. Does multilangual firmware with russian esist? in 8310's multilang-firmware included russian language but I see on every forum that 8830 has no firmware with russian language - is it right?

    Huge thanks beforehand.
    Best regards, Alexandr.

    P.P.S. Sorry for my english
    11-04-09 04:11 PM
  2. codemaker's Avatar
    There are instructions for downloading firmware in the "Findings" thread at the top of this forum. I am not sure about russian language options.

    You can download firmware for sprint blackberries via desktop manager, blackberry.com/update and also from the support area of the website.
    11-05-09 02:24 PM