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    I have a 8830 through verizon which worked well for months. I get my email through BES through work. Then my texting, caller id went dead in the last month. I went to verizon which was almost useless. As I am seeing now, I had those errors because I had zero bytes of memory. (Verizon couldn't even tell me how much memory I had left) But Verizon sent me a new phone anyway which I activated. And I reloaded some apps (not all because of memory issues) and had my work reactivate my new BB. It worked for one day and now it won't bootup and function.
    WHat happens now is the BB doesn't respond to power button. If I pull out battery then it will boot up and you see the first 4 icons. The trackball works but I can't click on anything. Then the BB goes dead again.
    I tried the link BlackBerry 101: How to Reload the Operating System on a Nuked BlackBerry. I completed the process twice (downloading the latest BB desktop manager and the BB os from verizon) but no dice.
    I added a microSD card per Verizon's advice but I see from this forum that won't fix the problem. I dont' have videos and photos. It's the main apps that take up the room. (I use two large medical databases epocrates and sanford) And the day of the crash, the BB had a reasonable amount of free memory.
    Any advice? I could call verizon again but I feel they're useless. Phone calls made to the phone will wake the phone up but the answer or ignore buttons do nothing. I don't have a complete brick but more of a lobotomized phone. On bootup, I also see a verifying security check progress bar which I didn't see before. It now shows a welcome screen which I can't access because I can't click an option. My IT BES people didn't ask me for a PIN number for the new device. Is this the problem since i did swap phones? Is this a security feature to lock out an unauthorized user? Is this a hardware problem even though the replacement phone is new?

    I don't want to do more tinkering in case I screw up everything. Appreciate the help!
    11-01-08 09:50 AM
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    I'm not familiar with sanford, but I've seen several posts about memory problems with epocrates. If you have the option to change phones, the Verizon 8330 has 50% more memory to work with, and should help your memory problem.

    What is your Options / Status / File Free?
    11-01-08 02:09 PM
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    Remember to clear out your browser cache once a week and then do a battery pull for 10 seconds. If your memory fills up (and clearing out your browser memory does not erase the stuff from the device), you could loose your txt and call logs. I have an 8320 through T-mobile and this also resorts contact entries back into their proper order. Good luck. ((I'm still waiting for T-mobile to open up the video abilities. Aaag!)
    11-02-08 12:03 PM