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    Newbie here whats up everyone. I just bought myself a Blackberry WE and got it hooked up to Metro PCS. The phone seems to work reall good, the internet is quick. Although It lacks the camera option that my Motorola SLVR had but other than that its a good buy. Maps doesnt work but I guess its the programming to Metro that lacks the option. Now does anyone know about bluetooths? I know its not part of this website but if someone could help me I'd gladly appreciate it. Now my question is, my bluetooth Motorola H3 that I also bought from the same dude that sold me the phone. The bluetooth wont turn on. I put it to charge and the blue indicator light will be on but after a minute or so it turns off. I read on the internet that it needs to be charged for an amount of 2 hours before using. I did this already and when I unplug it, it still doesnt turn on. Maybe it needs to be charged with a specific charger? I dont know......if anyone knows how to get my bluetooth working id gladly appreciate it. Thanks for your help.

    03-28-10 03:02 PM