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    I'm from India, i just bought a BB 8830 WE from an online service.. the phone is from Verizon carrier. I am presently using Vodafone gsm service. when I tried using internet services. The browser says "Your device does not currently have the Browser configs service book entries. please contact service provider"
    After visiting Vodafone service, they told me it isn't possible to activate internet service coz its a Verizon phone.

    I read Ur articles for unlocking and i found that my cellphone is already unlocked.

    The network is disabled.

    I am using my BB only with SMS and calls!
    Another error is the ACTIVATION REQUIRED message still appears on my screen.

    Please Help me..
    12-21-11 09:03 AM
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    I received your PM, but I'm answering in your thread where hopefully other people may have additional insight. I have not used an 8830 on GSM. I can think of two possible sources of your problem. There may be others. First, you may not have a data plan with Vodaphone. That would most likely be an additional monthly charge. If you don't have one, and Vodaphone will sell you one, that will most likely solve your problem. Second, Vodaphone may not support data plans on phones that are branded to other carriers. If that's the case, your only choices are to find another carrier or buy another phone. There isn't any way to get internet without data access if you carrier can't or won't provide data access.

    Call Customer Service and explain that you need a data plan for an unlocked Verizon 8830We. If the first person doesn't understand your question, politely ask to have it elevated. You might succeed. If not, hopefully another Vodaphone customer will see this post and be able to offer more specific suggestions.
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    12-21-11 10:53 AM
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    Thanks a lott!!
    12-22-11 08:45 AM