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    Hello all,

    A couple of days ago, I bought a Blackberry 8830 here in Las Vegas from a Verizon store. I had to transfer my old T-Mobile phone number to a new Verizon account, and the store personnel were able to do that easily, it seemed. We even tested out my new 8830 in the store, and the store clerk successfully called his cell phone with my Blackberry, showing my old (former T-Mobile) cell phone number.

    After I took the phone home, I noticed that I could make outgoing calls just fine, but I realized that I was receiving no incoming calls. The phone has not rung once since I got it! People are telling me that when they call my number, the call goes straight to my voicemail. It never rings on my end, and there's no vibrating either. In fact the phone doesn't even light up when I'm supposedly getting a call!

    Does anyone know anything about this problem? I'm not sure, but I have a hunch it has to do with the fact that I transfered over my old T-Mobile cell phone number. This was the first time I ever transferred a cell phone number over to a new carrier, and remember, this only became easy to do without a hassle a couple of years ago (before that most incument cell phone carriers wouldn't allow it.) It just seemed TOO easy to do, and that's why I'm suspicious. It seems there has to be a catch.

    But, the problem could really be anything, including something inside my phone or with the software.

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    I would call customer service. I suppose it's possible it has something to do with the device but the easiest step would be to call VZW first. They could check and make sure its all functioning properly, then maybe swap out the device if not. If that doesn't worked then I'm stumped - don't really know what else it could be.
    10-12-07 12:57 PM
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    Sounds like your port has not gone through. Did you receive a text message from Verizon stating that you can now make and receive calls on your device? If not, then the port is not complete. Until that message arrives, your T-Mobile phone will receive calls and you make calls from your Verizon phone.
    10-12-07 02:31 PM