1. benisaac's Avatar
    Hi everybody, I recently bought a blackberry 8820. I took it back to the store and did a system wipe for the shopkeeper to restore it's original settings. I saw him again later and he showed me the screen displaying a 507 error message. I'm trying to find the OS file for the mac. I already installed the blackberry desktop software. I need to get back to the store with my mac to fix the phone. Is it possible to fix it with just the desktop software? If not, where can I find the file for mac? I have downloaded numerous "mac files" of the OS but I just end up with a windows file each time. Frustrating. Please help. I feel bad for ruining his phone. Thanks.
    Also, can you make the instruction as simple as possible PLEASE. I quit smoking recently and my mind is...not itself at the moment
    02-04-18 04:46 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    There is no Mac file. At the time the 8820 was relevant, Desktop Software for Mac didn't even support BBOS devices. Once it started to support BBOS devices, the files needed were never put out as additional downloads. They were only delivered through the app. Long story short, you have next to zero chance fixing this on a Mac. You'll need to find a Windows computer to even BEGIN to fix it.
    02-04-18 11:09 PM

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