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    BlackBerry 8800 Tip Guide (PDF Format)

    BlackBerry 8830 Tip Guide (PDF Format)

    Please post any manuals, tips, vfaqs or any other 8800 related items.
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    03-02-07 11:25 AM
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    Whats the best format to post Manual on here? I have the 8830 user guide but can't upload it because of it's size. Thanks.
    05-22-07 06:37 PM
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    I'd suggest sending a PM to one of the site administrators and see if they can add the file for you. Try Kevin Michaluk or James Falconer.
    05-22-07 07:16 PM
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    I send Kevin a message. Hopefully there is a way to get it on here. Thanks.
    05-22-07 11:37 PM
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    Not sure if the link will post from my signature but Google my username to find my shortcut doc. Then come back.

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    05-23-07 01:46 AM
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    05-23-07 01:49 AM
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    Stinsonddog has a great tips sheet. You can always find a link to it in my signature.
    05-23-07 10:26 AM
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    Great site Stinsonddog, thanks for the tips!
    05-23-07 01:06 PM
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    Updated my original post with the guide for 8830.
    05-23-07 02:16 PM
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    Thanks for the help Remik!
    05-23-07 02:19 PM
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    Thanks Remik
    11-08-08 11:01 PM
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    well you see i have downloaded my media manager and they say i have't plugged my usb in when i did do you think you could help me???
    11-23-08 12:01 PM
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    please help!!!!

    I've just tried to change the theme on my 8800 and i got the message: app error 523 and i have to click to reset. every time i do this by clicking to reset or by taking out the battery and replacing it, i get the same message. is there a way to manually reset and overide this or is my 8800 completely knackered?? i've tried to connect the phone to my pc and try to do a restore but the phone isn't recognised. what do you think? or should i bin it??

    hope you can help.

    02-10-09 06:13 PM
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    how to i change my incoming text tone?
    07-26-09 10:42 PM
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    Hope this will make someone laugh!

    The guide or manual or operating instruction hard copy was packaged with the product box at no cost. The original digital copy of user's guide or owner's manual can be downloaded from Black Berry. Black Berry is one of the main manufacturers of Mobile Phone. Black Berry Mobile Phone was used popularly.
    11-24-09 10:57 AM
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    how can i get the newer versions of bbm and everything on my 8800, it says device doesnt support the software
    10-09-10 10:57 AM