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    I have a blackberry 8800. I had it in the leather pouch and it was ringing. When i took it out of the pouch the screen was all white. Nothing was showing up on the screen just all white. I turned off the blackberry and took out the battery for 30 seconds. When I put the battery back in and turned it on the screen will not come on now. The phone works but the screen is all black.
    10-31-08 03:07 PM
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    Wow I can't believe I did not get a response on this question.

    I ended up fixing the problem thanks to YouTube

    I went to youtube and searched how to remove the LCD screen and I watched a video. I followed the directions and took the outer case apart. From there I unhooked the ribbon from the LCD Screen. I then hooked the robbon back up to the screen and the phone was fixed. Apperently the ribbon was loose. I would of thrown the phone away if I did not figure it out. I hope this helps someone else in the future.
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    11-02-08 02:19 AM
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    Thanks for the info. I hate to say it but I'm glad that I didn't know how to fix your problem as I hadn't heard it before and I didn't have it happen to me.

    Its great that you still were able to get it fixed.

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    11-02-08 03:36 PM