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    First, VZW,, Desktop manager 4.7.
    Was on BES now on BIS. Apparently my IT department found out I had purchased my 8830 on my own over 1 ago and since it was not company approved they booted me off the BES system. They stated security issues. I had a buddy (inside job) originally configure my 8830 for BES. Now that I am on BIS, will my calendar, contacts, task, etc sync over air or do I need to sync manually with a cable? Is there somewhere in the options or setting I need to change to make this happen? Emails seem to be fine.
    Also under email setting I have the 2 options, desktop or my email, whats the difference?
    03-25-09 04:42 PM
  2. MegaloMegaloDon's Avatar
    You can have your 8830 sync OTA with some email providers. You won't be able to do OTA sync unless you can access account using BIS. I'm om BES and we don't allow BIS type access to our corp email. You may be stuck doing cable syncs. The two optionsyou have are Desktop = BES and Email = BIS connections.

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    03-25-09 05:56 PM