1. dsp2489's Avatar
    As of now my battery lasts almost a whole day. However, this is not enough as it is only almost a whole day. I have had my phone die and needed to make a call so I was wondering if something like the 1600MAH OEM SIZED EXTENDED LIFE BATTERY FOR BLACKBERRY 8800/8820/8830 was good? (Cant post link because I dont have 10 posts)
    Has anyone bought this and seen good results?
    Also, would buying something like this somehow void my warranty or something with Verizon?

    10-21-07 05:09 PM
  2. bwhyte's Avatar
    Buying the exteneded battery should not void you warranty!
    How much do you use your phone? i am constantly on my phone, 2 hours a day talking, and i could even begin to tell you how many text and emails. i use the internet like crazy and my battery last for at least 2 days. i charge it almost every other night.
    Even when my phone gets to 40% battery i know i have about a day left.
    10-22-07 08:20 AM
  3. Jadis's Avatar
    holy cow! I don't use my phone maybe a 1/4 that much and I barely make it thru the day with the OEM battery. I start with 100% since I take it off the charger on my way out the door.

    what kind of battery are you using, bwhyte?
    10-24-07 08:22 PM
  4. MrVoodoo's Avatar
    yeah I get about a day with heavy usage... well probably more than a day, I get done at night and have about 20-30% and charge it back up. Now there's been one or two days since I got it that I didn't use it very heavily and barely cracked below probably 90 or 95%... I'd love to get a larger battery (especially before my flight to guam when I'll have two series of 10-12 hour flights and I'll likely have quite a few movies on my memory stick to watch on the way - lol)
    10-24-07 10:25 PM
  5. bwhyte's Avatar
    I just have the standard battery that came with the phone. I know that when i had Sprint, I had a razr and the battery would not last more then 4 hours with no use at all. I then switched to Alltel and got the razr at first and my battery last 2-3 days with 2-3 hours of talk time. It's was amazing. When I asked Alltel why that would happen, they said it was because of the system that Sprint uses, and it requires more battery.
    I was thinking about upgrading the battery on my razr but all the exteneded batterys are bigget then normal, so you have to put a different battery door on your phone which then turns you sleek phone into a huge ugly phone!
    I wouldn't get the extended battery unless it's the same size as the orignal.
    10-25-07 07:29 AM
  6. Charlotte-BB's Avatar
    The battery will drain more quickly if it is constantly searching for a strong signal. How is your signal?
    10-25-07 08:16 AM
  7. rabs1365's Avatar
    I actually think that my battery got better after about a month of normal use.

    Do you turn your phone off at night when youre sleeping? This helped, to the point that I can charge every 3rd day or so.
    10-25-07 11:29 AM
  8. Tylerd's Avatar
    Ya, I don't us my phone really at all. Maybe 2 or 3 calls a day. And I probably send and recieve 20 emails a day. My battery never goes below 85%. But then that is probably just because of my usage time.

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    10-27-07 03:54 PM