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    I am a 8830 user linked to my company's BES server. I have a lot of emails that have imbedded images in them that I can not view (regular full attachements can be launched and viewed fine). Most of the imbedded images come from screen shots or "copy and pastes" from a certain # of cells taken from the spread sheet and pasted into the body of the email.

    They appear as <image> and can not be viewed - is there a way that these images can be viewed and is the "BBSmart Email Viewer" in the CB Store an option to fix this. I am not sure if my company's server is sending the image and if the softwate will help or not?

    Any ideas?

    07-05-07 05:45 PM
  2. jonpop's Avatar
    Can anyone help with this issue?
    07-06-07 08:32 PM
  3. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    I believe BBSmart Email Viewer will fix this. They offer a trial period. Why not take advantage of it...
    07-06-07 08:35 PM
  4. odrich's Avatar
    I am using BB Smart on a bes with a Curve. Most images are picked up but not all. Also on Cingular it is slower than on my unlocked O2 Curve on Tmo. Strongly recommend it.
    07-06-07 09:28 PM
  5. jonpop's Avatar
    Thanks - Monday I am talking to my Companys IT Dept on the image issue - if it goes the way expected - can't fix sending the <image> - I will go with the software Monday night - I'll let you all know how it works out.
    07-07-07 05:41 AM
  6. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    jonpop, you could just try the trial, anyway, no?
    07-07-07 07:14 AM
  7. jonpop's Avatar
    Well worked with the IT guys - can't get the images to come through - then tried the BB smart email viewer and still no images come through - any suggestions at this point to view those images especially word and excel images?
    07-09-07 07:00 PM
  8. EmptyInTheHead's Avatar
    With Smart, if people are including embedded images they usually won't work. If the include images with a URL that is available to the outside world (i.e. web server) then they will work. I have not found a solution that lets a user paste an image in an Outlook message and have it viewable on the BB.
    07-10-07 01:20 PM
  9. Noeld1024's Avatar
    I just downloaded the trial for the BBSmart Email Viewer...so far, I'm very pleased with what I've seen...probably I'll end up buying it...works really well.
    07-10-07 03:02 PM
  10. jonpop's Avatar
    well - tried everything and spoke to many - I did not realize that the BB off a BES sending Lotus Notes emails could not display embedded images - It is useless for 70% of my emails of which I recieve 150 to 200 per day - I found that I am still strapped to my PC to view the data/images in my emails vs benefitting from the freedom and mobility of the BB.
    07-14-07 07:38 AM
  11. hooper's Avatar
    I am using BB SV with BES for Exchange. I had a ton of messages on Friday with embedded images in them from SnagIt and they all showed as downloadable attachments at the top of the email. FWIW....
    07-15-07 08:10 AM
  12. jonpop's Avatar
    You have no idea how I wish I could get my email with images as you explain - my Company email is Lotus Notes based and SnagIT is not avaialbel on the corporate server - lucky you!
    07-15-07 09:04 AM
  13. jonpop's Avatar
    Well got an answer from BBSmart Support, definately out of luck:

    Hi John,

    As I understand it, Lotus Notes has a special way of inserting images in
    emails which are removed by servers setup by RIM before emails even arrive
    to your BlackBerry. Therefore our application cannot reconstruct these and
    display the images.

    Best Regards,
    Support Team

    > This software did not help to handle embedded images - I am using lotus
    > notes and bse
    07-16-07 07:59 PM
  14. tiger123's Avatar
    I downloaded the trial version also. It works great and I'll propably end up buying it as well.
    07-18-07 07:05 AM
  15. BattyBugs's Avatar
    I downloaded the trial version but it doesn't work. Its there in applications but won't work with my emails. Help please!
    04-16-08 04:59 AM
  16. AmigoPinoy's Avatar
    Is there a solution now to this concern? Can we now view embedded image in Lotus Notes mail using our BlackBerry?
    03-21-09 09:54 PM
  17. Xopher's Avatar
    It sounds like this is a BES server issue more than an individual BB issue. Since the images are stripped by the BES server, possibly checking with your IT department to see if there is a way to turn off the image stripping at the server would be a viable option.
    03-22-09 08:38 AM