1. pacman777's Avatar
    Is the USB link that was included with the BB that connects to your laptop for data transfer and for charging a generic cable, or is it specifically made for the BB? I was wondering if I used an extra cable (non-BB) that I had that connects to my usb if it would be okay and not damage the BB battery. Also, anyone know if the plug-in wall charger used to charge the blackberry has to be the same specs (5V 0.7A)? I have an extra charger from an MP3 player (Rio Carbon) that is 5V 1A? Is this okay for the BB battery? Thanks!
    08-12-07 09:23 PM
  2. ELoXL's Avatar
    I use my buddies PS3 cable that is used to charge his wireless controls and whenever I think my BB needs some juice I'll just hook it up to the PS3 cable. I also utilize the BB USB cable to my PSP which I use for data transfers - its just like any other USB thats out there - nothing special. - later
    08-12-07 11:35 PM