1. christopherhall's Avatar
    I have bought an 8800 unlocked (orignally Vodafone UK) using it with O2 UK, have activated the 'Blackberry Package' with O2 to allow me to use BB data services.

    The 8800 is an 'enterprise edition' and the only setting I can see for email are through an enterprise server- which I havn't got. I also cannot see the browser anywhere. Has anyone any idea how to setup my personal email accounts on the 8800 and access browser??/

    Thx, Chris.
    06-17-07 07:22 AM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    You won't be able to browse till the data package is 'fully' active and the said service books have downloaded to your device.

    So, with that said, when did you get the data package? It sometimes takes 24 hours to be active (it shouldn't, but)...

    Also, from the device scroll through your applicaitons, is there not an icon for "setup BlackBerry Internet Email"? I also hope there is no I.T. Policy on the device (options / security option / general settings / scroll down!

    If there is, it's needs to be removed (unless it states 'default'). Also, if the previous owner used it on BIS, I hope the Pin / IMEI was released from his/her account! If not, you can't add it to your BIS account; they'd need to release it first...

    Confusing enough for you? Post back here if you have more questions...
    06-18-07 05:12 AM
  3. christopherhall's Avatar
    there is no setup blackberry email setting. The 8800 is new and I have registered it to me network now. I can't seem to recieve service books. It think it may have an IT policy on it- how is this removed???

    Many thanks
    06-19-07 05:11 AM
  4. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    "...there is no setup blackberry email setting" - it's not a setting, it's an icon, among the others.

    Nonetheless, log into your BIS (service providers website) and see if you can send service books that way (there is an option, 'resend service books'. Also, when you log into your account, make sure THIS new devices Pin and IMEI number are listed; if not, add it...
    06-19-07 06:16 AM