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    This just started and it seems to be happening more and more now. When I go to turn on the BB I have to hold down the power button for 15 to 30 seconds before it will turn on. Before I simply had to hold it down for a few seconds and it would start but now the only way to turn it on is to hold it down. If I try holding it down for a few seconds it just shows a solid red indicator light and doesn't turn on if I hold it for a long period it shows a solid red light for 10 seconds or so and then starts after an extended period. I thought maybe it was the battery so I tried my new one I have and it was Ok for about a week but now it does it with both batteries. I am using v
    Does anyone have an idea what is going on?
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    10-02-09 12:51 PM
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    Step 1: upgrade to OS 4.5
    Step 2: report back if you still have the issue
    10-04-09 01:04 AM