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    Hi, while I wait for VZN for an answer I wondering if anyone here can help.


    One user in Europe (Switzerland) using BB 8830 WE can't connect to any wireless network there. Prior to his trip, VZN SIM card and Global Data plan were activated. His BB is part of an in-house BES Small Business Edition.


    User reported that he is not able to receive or send emails or to use the voice capabilities of the phone. So far he has turn off/on the phone. We verified that the SIM card was place correctly and that it is being recognized by the phone. We verified that the same SIM card serial is the one activated with VZN, We asked him to try different settings in Network connections. He tried Global, GMS and manual. Every time he switch and save one up, the phone will recognize the network and will appears to be connect to the network, the phone will show full connection bar, but a few seconds later the network gets drop and a red SOS icon is shown.

    Vzn thinks the phone has some sort of hardware issue, however, I still asked them to open a trouble ticket. So, is VZN right? or is there a setting that we are missing?

    10-06-09 12:20 PM