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    I have an 8830 and its been deleting messages and call logs like crazy recently. I have 0 memory left and have cleared the cache, deleted languages, even deleted on demand to free up space, but it seems I am still short on room. I have only added 3 apps (gmail and facebook app and epocrates) to the thing since getting it, and all my pic, videos, ect are on the 4GB miniSD.

    So, my question is: Can I put the epocrates app on the 4GB card? Or can any other apps be sent to the card? Right now, I think its just downloaded to the phone hard drive. Is there anything I can do to free up more space without just deleting epocrates? I have 51 calendar events but cant really limit them much more.

    I would really appreciate some hel[. This is becoming very frustrating and I feel like I bought the 4GB card and its useless.....the only thing its apparently good for is music, movies and pics. No apps?

    Here's my app list:
    BB 4.2 core app
    BB 4.2 system software
    BB attachment serv
    BB maps
    BB messenger
    Epocrates Rx
    Password Keeper
    Telenav GPS Nav.
    01-03-09 03:42 PM
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    Find a post by the one of the forum moderaters named JeffH. In his signature is a link to a memory optimization thread. Follow the instructions to the T and that will help get you on your way. Don't keeps any apps that you might need later. If you find that you need them later you can always reinstall.

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    01-04-09 06:16 AM
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    I guess my question is: Can we run apps like epocrates, gmail, etc from the media card to free up device memory? if so, how do we do that?
    01-04-09 08:20 AM
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    I guess my question is: Can we run apps like epocrates, gmail, etc from the media card to free up device memory? if so, how do we do that?
    No, the BlackBerry OS doesn't support running apps from the Media Card. Apps can only run in device memory. There have been several posts from users trying to run Epocrates. Apparently it simply requires more memory than is typically available on an 8830. If it's an option for you, I recommend you replace your 8830 with an 8330. You'll gain 50% more memory.

    The Memory Optimization Procedure that's linked in my sig will help a lot, and you definitely should perform it, but Epocrates may still be too big for the 8830.
    01-04-09 08:26 AM
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    I have epocrates on my curve and when I downloaded it it told me to be sure to have a memory card of like 712kb or someting. It takes up a lot of memory and when I went to get.epocrates.com from my phone it automatically downloaded to my memory card. I would uninstall and then reinstall. Check your card to make sure it isn't already on there. If I explore my card I see epocrates and my music/pictures.

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    01-04-09 09:40 AM
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    So, JeffH, can you comment on this. It works on the curve but not the 8830?
    01-04-09 09:54 AM
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    It sounds like Epocrates is designed to use the Media Card for storage. That would make sense. But it will still have to be in device memory to run, and you will have to have sufficient memory. An 8330 has 50% more memory to start with than an 8830, so it may be that Epocrates can run on an 8330 and not an 8830.

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    01-04-09 09:55 AM
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    I has epocrates on my 8330 with 25+ mb of free memory. Messages were STILL deleting. It runs in the background and can't be shut down. I don't know if epocrates was the culprit but I did a complete wipe and reinstalled all BUTepocrates and it seems to be working well now. Still want a drug reference app though.
    02-12-09 11:07 AM
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    no success. my Bold will not run Epocrates. On calling Epocrates, they admit that 10% of Bolds will not run the program, and they have no fix. I must have Epocrates in my work, so am adding an Ipod Touch.
    11-14-10 09:53 PM